Gwavas Garden Homestead


As we try to keep the woodland garden as natural as possible, to ensure that you
enjoy the garden to its fullest it is advisable to wear a pair of sturdy walking shoes.
There are a number of minor hazards such as the odd pine cone, rabbit holes and
exposed roots etc, the sort of things you might expect to find in a 125 year old

We are very lucky to have a range of ground birds including swinhoe pheasants,
quail, peacocks and turkeys in the garden and for that reason we have a no dogs

As we have many mature trees, should we get strong winds the wider garden will
be closed without notice. The lawn areas can be kept open as they are away from
any large trees.

Children are very welcome at Gwavas Garden Homestead, but please ensure that they are well supervised at all times.

Gwavas Garden is a large yet stunning intimate garden, one where the huge scale
is balanced by the ability to get up close to every plant and really take in every
thing that an individual plant has to offer. We hope you will enjoy your time with us.

Gwavas Garden Homestead 5740 State Highway 50, Tikokino, Central Hawke's Bay New Zealand phone +64 6 856 5810 email us
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