Gwavas Garden Homestead


Largely due to the conservationist tendencies of the major and
subsequent generations of Carlyons and Hudsons, and certainly
against the prevailing activity in the Tikokino area in the 19th
century, where there were several timber mills, Gwavas estate
is home to 300 acres of virgin native bush.

Although still owned by the family today Puahanui Bush now has Department of Conservation protection, and stands as one of the best examples of lowland forest in Hawke's Bay; it is home to some fine specimen trees, including several massive Totara and Matai well over 600 years old.

The native bush and garden enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship, as many native birds are enticed into the garden by the abundant food on offer. Kereru, or native wood pidgeon, are very fond of laburnum leaves and, in winter months, holly berries. Waxeyes and bellbirds can often be seen in the Japonica trees. When the cherry trees are in flower, it's not uncommon to see twenty or more tuis in a single tree.

There are also many resident ground birds to be seen, including quail, Swinhoe pheasant, turkey and, on the outskirts of the garden, peacocks.
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