Gwavas Garden Homestead


Gwavas Garden is a beautiful woodland garden, based on the
Cornish family home of Tregrehan, where Carlyons have lived for
500 years. It comprises nine hectares (20 acres) of both native
and exotic trees and shubs. The very first plantings were those
beside the family cemetery, planted by Major Carlyon in 1860.
Gwavas Garden is listed as a "registered group of historic trees"
with the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture.

Many of the trees and shrubs came from seeds sent to New Zealand from Tregrehan by ASG's older brother Jovy. The Carlyons bred their own hybrids, and exchanged trees and plants; there are many New Zealand natives, including large Totara trees in the Tregrehan garden today.

The garden is a treasure trove of rare and unusal specimens: Himalayan lilies; a very large Michaelia doltsopa, planted in 1951 - one of the earliest in the country; and a Quercus suber (cork oak) planted in 1894. The aptly named raspberry plants, Semper fidelis, have faithfully continued to yield a delicious crop every year since they were planted over a hundred years ago.

But you don't need to be a keen gardener to appeciate the beauty of Gwavas Garden; it's a visual spectacle even to the untrained eye; camellias and magnolia flower from August, rhododendrons and azaleas from September. The garden is at its best in spring, with October and November ideal months to enjoy the colours and contours of this sylvan setting; however there is always something to see or a whiff of fragrance to smell throughout the year, autumn colours, for example, can be spectacular.

There is an array of outhouses and smaller structures, including a summerhouse built for shade for Phyllida's great grandmother. Amusingly, this now rests in the shade of the 100 year old trees that have now dwarfed it. There is also an old meat safe complete with a slotted board for hanging quail. Like the homestead, the glasshouse was also designed by C.T. Natusch; it originally housed a boiler used to provide heat for the propagation of the conservatory plants.
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