Gwavas Garden Homestead


Gwavas Garden Homestead was the third house built on the station (the original home was built thirty years earlier); it began life as a single storey dwelling, of which the family is unsure who the architect was, with a second storey and tower added in 1900, designed by Charles Tilleard Natusch.

C.T. Natusch, who specialised in domestic work in timber, was one of the most
prominent architects of his day in his field. The house has remained unchanged since 1900, apart from the removal of the tower and conservatory in 1951.

The interior is remarkable for the totara panelled entrance hall and staircase, it is
recognised by the Historic Places Trust as one of the most outstanding examples
of interior totara panelling in New Zealand.

The original 1890's Belgium brocade curtains still hang in the drawing room, faded
but none the less remarkable. All the glazing at the front of the house is original,
except for one pane, which had to be replaced recently after being struck by an
errant Swinhoe pheasant.

Historically, the Gwavas Garden Homestead is of very great significance through
its association with one of the oldest and best known stations in Hawke's Bay. It
is registered with the Historic Places Trust as Catergory 1 listed building.
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